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Topics for Master's thesis

IND=industrial project; UNI=inter-universities project; RIC=UniTN research project; INT=international project

Produzione di materiali e componenti per celle a combustibile SOFC e celle elettrolitiche SOEC

Production of materials and components for SOFC and SOEC

This project regards the fabrication, characterization and testing of planar or tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) able to work with fuels different than H2 and Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cell (SOEC) for CO2 recovery. UNI-RIC

Processi innovativi di tempra chimica del vetro per applicazioni nell'energia, nell'edilizia, nei sistemi di sicurezza e nel packaging farmaceutico

Ion-exchange processes for chemical tempering of glass articles

Innovative ion-exchange process will be studied for the mechanical reinforcement of silicate glass to be used in buildings, pharmaceutical devices, tough-screens, automotive parts. IND

Produzione di bioceramici a partire da polveri sintetizzate da prodotti di origine naturale

Production of bioceramics from powders synthesized from natural products

This project regards the synthesis of bioceramic powders starting from natural product (cuttlefish bone, eggs shell etc.) and successive consolidation to realize innovative bioceramics

Sinterizzazione di ceramici e vetri sotto campo elettrico (flash sintering) o a freddo (cold sintering)

Sintering of ceramics by flash or cold sintering

The aim is to analyze, understand and optimize the sintering process of ceramics and glass activated by the application of an electrical field. UNI-INT-IND

Produzione di materiali inorganici mediante additive manufacturing (stampa 3D)

Production of inorganic materials by additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Innovative processes will be studied and optimized for the production of inorganic materials (starting for example from glass or ceramic powders) by additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing process). UNI-IND

Progettazione e produzione di compositi ceramici ad elevata resistenza e affidabilità

Design and production of ceramics with high mechanical reliability

Ceramic laminates are designed and produced to obtain high mechanical reliability components for structural applications. UNI-RIC-INT

Caratterizzazione meccanica innovativa di materiali ceramici, vetri e vetroceramiche

Innovative procedures for the mechanical characterisation of glass, ceramics and glass-ceramic

New methods will be developed for the mechanical (strength, fracture resistance) of glass and ceramics. UNI-INT

For some of the proposed topics, part of the work can be carried out at collaborating companies (for example, Joint Research Centre - EC - Karlsruhe - D, TK srl - Como, Novaref - Verona, Vetrerieriunite - Verona, SolidPower - TN etc.) or foreign Universities (Univ. Colorado - Boulder - USA, Univ. San Carlos - Brasil, Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio, CSIC - Madrid - ES etc.) depending on the availability of the host institution